Are you looking for a way of working that complements your passion for wellbeing and a better way of living?

Love skincare as much as we do?

MD Apothecary would love to partner with you to spread our love for clean beauty and natural tea blends and their benefits through MD Apothecary's Wellness Advisor Program.


We are seeking creative, energetic, and outgoing people who are passionate about skincare and clean beauty. Our goal is to promote a message of self-love and Non-Toxic Beauty by creating simple products that use natural and organic ingredients with no added synthetics. We strive to create products that will help keep your skincare routine easy and simple.

The focus for MD Apothecary's Wellness Advisor Program is not really selling products; it’s a way of sharing knowledge and experience of natural health, beauty, and wellbeing. 

Becoming a Wellness Advisor is no ordinary role!

It’s a position that invites you to learn more about natural health and clean beauty and earn money at a pace that suits you.


 A company for women that’s run by women.
Experience the power of clean beauty


Do you seek to live a healthy lifestyle by choosing to take care of your whole being while naturally inspiring others? Do you strive to reduce the toxins in your life, have an authentic relationship with your community, and of course a deep love for MD Apothecary products?


If so, become a Wellness Advisor today! 

Frequently asked questions

Why do we use a direct sales model?

We use a direct sales business model because it allows us to make a bigger impact. By selling beauty products for MD Apothecary through a community of Advisors, we are creating opportunities for women to earn extra income. In addition, we are passionate about empowering women. The direct sales model enables us to provide income to women through a flexible business model that empowers them to become social entrepreneurs.

Do MD Apothecary Wellness Advisors need to meet a certain sales quota or amount?

Nope! The MD Apothecary Wellness Advisor Program is totally what you make of it. Of course, Advisors who spend more time hustling for sales tend to get the highest commissions. But we understand how crazy busy life can get, so if there’s a period of time where you’re inactive, we completely understand! Feel free to make as many (or as few) sales as you’d like.

Will I need to purchase additional marketing materials such as catalogs or order forms?

No, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive digital marketing kit, equipping you to grow your business. This kit includes templates for business cards that you can have printed online or through a local printer (optional)

How do I get paid for my sales?

To make Wellness Advisor payments as easy as possible, we pay Advisors commissions via Zelle, a free service that’s super quick and easy to sign up for. To get started, head to www.zellepay.com to create your account

How we give back?

A portion of the profit from the MD Apothecary Wellness Advisor Program is destined to provide funding for the personal and professional development of women leaders. Our team is committed to helping women advance to the highest levels of success and we do so by contributing to them with funds, support, and empowerment they need so they can further their mission.

We’ve been obsessively curating the best of green beauty, combing through thousands of products so you can feel safe and confident in your choices.

Whether you need help detoxing your beauty bag or finding a skincare regimen that works for you, we’re here to help—no matter what your journey looks like.

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MD  Apothecary is a home-grown business that organically developed through the founder's personal experience and passion for natural remedies. 

The Founder; Mari Diaz has had a lifelong attachment to 'herbal medicine' due to her upbringing, her personal health trials.

Her aim is to empower people through education in natural medicine.

MD Apothecary is clean beauty skincare and Herbal Tea brand, using the finest, organic raw materials, and simple formulations. We are committed to creating products that are safe for our health and wellness


We’re on a mission to empower women through education of clean beauty and wellness products that are 


Clean. Conscious. Effective.