What Is Progesterone & Why Is It Super Important?

Progesterone is more than just a hormone needed for pregnancy - it's a truly protective hormone that has far-reaching benefits beyond just helping to regulate your cycle. ⁣

In normal amounts, progesterone helps us to be chill, calm, and just feel good. It helps us sleep well, and is important in keeping our moods stable. It also helps to keep estrogen in check, so if your progesterone levels are low, you may notice symptoms of estrogen dominance, as well as PMS in the week or so before your period, making you feel the exact OPPOSITE of what progesterone does within the body-- anxiety-ridden, sleepless, erratic moods, and just overall feeling very un-chill. ⁣

Progesterone helps to protect our brains, hearts, and bones, it reduces the aging of the skin and boosts our immune system. Many organs and systems within our bodies are very dependent upon progesterone to function at their best. The adrenal glands, for example, use progesterone to produce hormones that are anti-stress within the body. This mighty hormone has a whole-body effect on how we feel day to day right now, as well as having an impact on our health later on down the road. ⁣

How can we naturally boost our production of progesterone within our body? ⁣

  • Work on actively destressing your lifestyle. Find a method that works for you to get into a calm state regularly. When the adrenals become taxed, and we keep pumping out cortisol, our body will use progesterone to keep making enough cortisol, rather than using it for protecting the above-mentioned parts of the body. ⁣

  • Eat nourishing meals. Make sure you are eating enough and eating regularly, so your body has the fuel it needs to properly detoxify excess estrogen, as well as to keep stress levels down.⁣

  • Sunlight. Getting proper exposure to natural sunlight helps to boost your vitamin D levels, which are needed to make adequate progesterone levels, so don't forget to sit in the sun today!⁣

So tell me, do you feel cool, calm, and collected before your period? Or do you think your progesterone levels need some loving?


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