Products That May Be Disrupting Your Hormone Balance

The products you use daily may be disrupting your hormone balance.

Here's the deal with environmental toxins, they are everywhere these days. It can be impossible to control everything you are being exposed to on a daily basis without becoming crazy in the process. We can be exposed to them through products we use every single day or items that are commonly kept in the home.⁣

You may not be able to control everything you run into during the day, BUT you can make your home and space consciously and mostly toxic-free since this is the space which you probably spend a lot of your time (especially in the year 2020)⁣

These toxins which often get dubbed "endocrine disruptors" resemble natural estrogen so closely that they fit into the same receptor within the body. When they bind to this receptor, your natural hormones can't, which exasperates the negative effect of too much estrogen within the body. Once established, these stubborn endocrine disruptors can be hard to get rid of (especially things like BPA), they come with long-lasting effects, which can have serious effects on your hormonal health. ⁣

These toxins can lurk in everything from plastic water bottles, shower curtains, lotions, teabags, and canned foods.

Look over the photo above for some swaps you can make to begin creating a more toxin-free home, and try some of these tips below as well: ⁣

  • Open your windows as often as you can to allow fresh airflow into your space. Some furniture and rugs off-gas and this will release those fumes.⁣

  • Slowly weed out products that aren't EWG verified. Over time, work on replacing your products with cleaner versions. This can go for home cleaning products, laundry supplies, and even body care and makeup products. ⁣

  • Simple is best. Sometimes referring to nature gives us the guidance we need. Fill your home with plants, use essential oils to freshen the air, opt for natural fiber rugs and linens. ⁣

  • Consider a water filter. In our home, we don't use any fertilizers or chemicals in our gardens or lawns, but I can't control what my neighbor uses. We use a water filter in our home to help filter out any potential chemical contaminants.⁣


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