My Top Sleeping Tips

One of the many ways our bodies keep themselves in balance is through quality sleep during the night, yet so many of us experience less than ideal sleep situations night after night. Here are my top tips for getting really good to zzz’s each night:

Exposing yourself to sunrise light signals the body to produce the hormone cortisol to wake you up naturally, + in the evening, being exposed to sunset light sends a signal to the body to start producing the hormone melatonin. We have a lot of issues with artificial lighting that messes with our natural circadian rhythms, so sticking to the natural cues from nature can help reset our circadian rhythm, so we actually feel sleepy at night. ⁣

Avoid screens + artificial light as much as possible at night. They emit blue light which sends a signal to produce cortisol - it messes with your natural circadian rhythm. If you have to be in front of a screen, get yourself some blue light glasses to wear. ⁣

If stress is weighing you down in the evenings, do a "brain dump" + write out everything that is on your mind, including to-dos, worries, + ideas. Get it out of your head and onto paper. ⁣

⁣Magnesium oil applied to the belly or feet can help you to fall asleep + get deeper sleep. Magnesium helps regulate the hormone melatonin. ⁣(to learn more about my Magnesium oil, please check out my post on how to make it)

Lastly, be in bed by ‪10 pm‬. After ‪10 pm‬ the body will send out a surge of cortisol, which can make it really hard to get to sleep. ⁣

These are my top sleep tips, what are yours?


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