How To Get A Faster Metabolism

Feeling like your metabolism is super sluggish or like you can't eat the foods you love without feeling bloated, constipated, fatigued? Cleaning up your gut can bring balance back to your metabolism and hormones!


Where to start?

How about your liver. The PROBLEM with your metabolism could actually be from a congested liver. The LIVER is what breaks down toxins, packages up excess hormones, and converts the majority of thyroid hormone. The liver also stores glycogen so it can keep your blood sugar stable during periods of fasting (like when you're sleeping).



  • You restrict carbs.

  • Your liver has to make up for lack of fuel by pumping out stored glycogen.

  • If it's busy doing THAT, then it's NOT converting thyroid hormone, and it's not worried about detoxing excess hormones.

  • And when it RUNS OUT of stored energy, it starts breaking down PROTEIN and FATTY ACIDS for fuel instead.

  • Which causes the release of excess cortisol (STRESS)

  • And your gut doesn't like stress.

  • Which leads to constipation, bloating, hormone imbalances, and nutrient deficiencies.

Hello recipe for metabolic disaster. ⚠️


So if you want to heal your metabolism, start by straightening out your liver and get your gut health in check.



  • Eat 3-4 ( Whole Foods NOT processed foods) times a day to keep blood sugar balanced

  • Stop fasting for so long.

  • Stop with the super low carb/keto. Long term, this can create insulin resistance!

  • EAT FRUIT and root veg for carbs

  • Get your microbiome back in balance by clearing out unwanted bacteria so the good guys can grow.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

A fast metabolism DOESN'T come from eating less and exercising more. It comes from supporting your gut and your hormones!


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