Favorite Beauty Foods To Encourage Healthy Glowing Skin

Healthy Skin Comes From Within. My favorite beauty foods to encourage healthy glowing skin

✨ Water: you knew I was going to say that right? Water is the skin's best friend. Mild dehydration can make us look and feel much older than our age

✨ Avocados: are an amazing beauty food. They are jam-packed full of skin-loving nurturing such as antioxidants, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lutein, B vitamins, fiber, potassium, healthy fats, and more!

✨ Berries: are jam-packed in antioxidants that feed the skins beauty and help to fight free radical damage

✨ Chia seeds: are rich in omega 3’s + encourage healthy detoxification

✨Coconut oil: rich in fatty acids that help the skin retain moisture

✨Bell peppers: are really high in vitamin C which is required for the synthesis of collagen. Just one medium bell pepper has 320mg of Vitamin C

✨Citrus: citric acid helps to prevent bacterial actions under the skin for a healthy glow from within

✨ Protein: are one of the building blocks of skin tissue. It is essential for healthy skin. Make sure to eat enough healthy protein daily to also maintain balanced blood sugar which has a direct effect on the skin

✨ Dark chocolate: it’s actually delicious and nutritious if you consume quality chocolate that is low in sugar and high in cacao. It is rich in antioxidants, can reduce stress for a healthy glow, and can protect skin from UV damage.

I want to hear from you. Do you eat love these foods and eat them regularly for healthy skin from within?


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