Do You Know What’s In Your Water?

When seeking to live a healthy lifestyle, it is especially important to focus on our drinking water.

It is vital for optimum health. Water makes up 65% of our body, making it incredibly important to hydrate with the cleanest sources.

Bottled water has become quite convenient in our busy lives, however, it is not all created equal. Sadly there are so many grey areas when it comes to bottled water.

Have you ever looked at the water report for your favorite brand? It can be so easy to trust popular companies and assume they have our best interests in mind.

I want to inspire you to take a look at important health topics and for you to be your own health advocate.

The water industry regulations need to be updated. The standards and laws that govern bottled water are over 50 years old.

Think about what we thought was safe then, and look at what we know now. Better standards and testing need to be established to protect our health. As consumers, it is really hard for us to know exactly what may be lurking in bottled water and its implications on our health.

Its also important to note that most bottled water comes in plastic that can leech health, harming microplastics into our water. Microplastics can cause reproductive problems, weakened immune systems, and more even in small amounts.

When we know better, we can do better. So how can we protect ourselves with this knowledge going forward?

I’m creating an EXTENSIVE LIST of healthy water alternatives, tips to protect your health, the best brands, and so much more.

If you want more information let me know and I will send you my list.


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