A Letter To My Body

I’m sorry for all the times I didn’t give you what you needed. I’m sorry for abusing your strength, for putting you through so much you never deserved.

From trying to shrink you and starve you out, to overworking you until exhaustion, you’ve never given up on me. ⠀

We have overcome so much together. From climbing volcanoes in Costa Rica to the mountains of my mind.

You remind me that growth and change are constant, and to accept the flow of life.

Knowing now that you deserve the best food, to feel good, sweat, move and dance like no one is watching.

You are capable of so much more than I limit my mind to believe you are, showing me every day how strong, how brave and how powerful you allow me to be.

You show me that I should be proud to show up in this body, because I am more than deserving of loving myself.

If only I could go back and tell myself how much more you deserved from me.⠀

If only I could go back and teach myself to see the beauty in every imperfection. ⠀

Thank you for showing me where I need to heal and reminding me to take care of myself.

Thank you for giving me the ability to do everything I do.⠀

I LOVE you and thank you for healing me.

WE did it together!!!! #healed

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