My Story

Hello there!  My name is Mari Diaz, I'm a Master Herbalist and Certified Face Yoga Instructor. 
I specialize in the natural properties of herbs to improve the health and well-being of clients. I assess clients' lifestyles and health needs to determine which herbs might be beneficial to each client.
I believe each person's health requirements are unique and no two people are alike. It is my goal to help you get in tune with your body and find the correct herbs you need to thrive. I try my best to uncover any imbalances that may be present and create a plan of action to bring you increased health and wellness.
I focus on the body as a whole intricate system that orchestrates together to find the solutions you need to get you well. 

I have integrated my passion for natural beauty into my practice to further guide my clients towards optimal health with non-toxic beauty being a part of their healing process. What we eat is only one aspect of our health and what we put on our skin, which is our largest organ is equally important. 


Mainstream beauty products contain ingredients that have a negative effect on health and are interfering with getting well. Education is power and my mission is to teach women how to take a Whole Body Health approach to their wellness.


I offer programs, workshops, and wellness retreats to give people the tools to take charge of their health.

"My Misson Is To See You Blossom With The Power Of Nature!"